Mining Exploration

In mineral exploration, RMUS drones deliver highly accurate territory maps and multispectral ground analysis. Sites previously considered too difficult to exploit due to inaccessibility, social impact and environmental impact are now practical considerations thanks to robotic mapping and analysis.

Drones provide a high level of accuracy and scan density, as well as multispectral scan capability, while avoiding social or environmental intrusion. And efficiencies lift dramatically with more inhospitable, inaccessible or challenging environments.

RMUS’ exploration technology offers LiDAR, photogrammetry and thermal sensing and hyperspectral or multispectral sensing as well. The latter two function with difference in sensor readings indicative of mineral quantity and composition at the Earth’s surface. Magnetometers are also available, sensing changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Combinations of these sensor readings provide significant insight in soil composition and guidance in selecting target areas. Combined with high resolution terrain maps and imagery, spectral and magnetic data can enable geologists to indicate mineral deposits up to half a kilometre into the earth.