Nuclear Energy

The difference that robotic inspection makes in nuclear power generation plants in terms of reduced inspection time, decreases in cost and keeping people out of harm’s way is dramatic. The bottom line savings alone are significant, when you consider that robotic inspection allows power plants to continue to operate at full output rather than shut down for inspection purposes.

While a shut down for routine maintenance and inspections represents hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost production, it can go beyond the bottom line because sometimes the operation will require permits or even the installation of scaffolding, hanging platforms, or personnel baskets to gain access.

Robotic inspection can get in and out of – or up to – areas of interest in minutes while maintaining production, minimizing maintenance expense and lowering operational costs. UAVs quickly and easily inspect confined spaces and areas beyond line of sight, and perform detailed remote assessments while collecting crucial data in nuclear power plants, all without putting the workforce in harm’s way.