Private Security

As unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has advanced, private organizations are increasingly implementing RMUS drone programs to assess and meet potential security threats using remote monitoring measures. Aerial surveillance is a critical component when considering the need to provide safety and security to groups of people or sensitive locations. Industrial zones or areas subject to increased safety require enhanced maintenance and real-time response, and to address these needs, a rapid and precise monitoring and response system meets any threat, either perceived or actual.

RMUS solutions provide a unique tool for security personnel, allowing real-time assessment and immediate action when a breach occurs. Detect vulnerabilities in facilities and structures ordinarily unseen through traditional monitoring, with added thermal imaging allowing surveillance at night or within light-confined spaces. High definition imagery is immediately made available to security teams, to be acted upon or archived for future access.

Investigate possible security threats initially identified via fixed camera placements delaying the need for personnel to conduct investigations at ground level, a process which takes additional time and may put the responding individual in harm’s way.