DJI Matrice 300 On-Demand Training

Detailed training the set up, payload and operation of the DJI Matrice M300 RTK.

This course goes beyond our ready to deploy video to give an overview of Aircraft Activation, Firmware Updates, the H20T payload, the DJI Pilot App for the M300, Battery Care, basic operation and RTK Base Station setup. The course is broken down into a number of easy to follow videos with knowledge retention tests after each section.

RMUS M300 On-Demand Training includes 3 Packages:

1 – DJI Matrice 300 Training

Detailed aircraft operation.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction and Unboxing
  • Activation
  • Firmware Updates
  • DJI Pilot
  • Batteries
  • Operations
  • Battery Station

For specific payload training please see:

2 – Introduction to the DJI Ecosystem

An introduction to all of the elements of DJI aircraft.

Course Outline:

  • Flight Application
  • Remote
  • Aircraft Hardware
  • Payloads
  • Batteries
  • Data
  • Firmware
  • NFZs and Altitude Limits

3 – RMUS UAS Foundations Package

The RMUS UAS Foundations Course is included in your training at no additional cost. Please follow this link to learn more: RMUS UAS Foundations Package