The Fotokite Sigma



Sigma Air Unit Ground Station
and Tether
Rugged transport case
with mobility option
Android based tablet
Extended 2 year Service Plan
Ready to Deploy Training Video
RMUS Help Center Support

An all-in-one tethered drone solution and a true tethered drone-in-a-box. The tablet controls launch the drone to a simple-to-adjust height and you are ready to assess the incident – for hours if need be. Use the Fotokite Live App on the supplied tablet, to control the drone and the thermal/RGB cameras. Limited drone piloting skills are needed, making this a critical solution for incident commanders’ situational awareness.


  • Simple and straightforward operation with one-button altitude control, double-tap to center camera view control, and automatic launching, flight, and landing with a single push of a button
  • Propulsion System uses 6 custom made industrial-grade motors and motor controllers. For additional safety, flight motor redundancy comes standard as do backup batteries in the Kite and Ground Station
  • Two cameras provide simultaneous thermal and regular video streams with 24 hours of video and flight log storage capacity.
  • Native software interface (Fotokite Live) operates the Fotokite Sigma providing mission critical situational awareness. Information is transmitted continuously to the tablet allowing information-driven decisions
  • Thermal video resolution is 320 x 256/30fps and low-light RGB video with 5x digital zoom is 720p/30fps
  • Fotokite’s reinforced, load rated, ultra-thin tether carries power to the Kite and streams video back down. This patented tether enables GPS-independent flight and provides safe, reliable, autonomous operation
  • Uses 6 x 8.3 in. foldable & field replaceable propellers
  • Maximum height of 150 feet and a max wind speed of 25 knots (28 mph)