The Mirion RDS-31

Accurate Radiation Levels From a Distance


The RDS-31 meter provides remote measurement of radiation when paired with Boston Dynamics’ SPOT — allowing workers to remain safe while inspecting the site from a distance. The RDS-31 meter is complemented by a full line of external probes to detect alpha and beta radiation.

The RDS-31 Multi-purpose Survey Meter uses an energy compensated GM-tube as its primary detector. With its versatile function set and durability it is suited for a wide range of applications. With visual and audible alarms, and its large backlit graphic display, the RDS-31 is easily visible in all conditions — even direct sunlight.


  • The RDS-31 is a compact GM tube-based gamma radiation detector
  • Flexible histogram functions (dose rate, dose, diagnostic logging depending on configuration, time stamp, optional location control for mapping and repeating room measurement analysis)
  • Configurable units: Sv(/h), R(/h), with external detector Gy(/h), cps, cpm, dpm, Bq and Bq/cm2
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • Versatile functions and durability make it suited for a wide range of applications. Internal memory stores mission readings and the optional WRM2™ radio allows wireless remote monitoring
  • H*(10) ambient dose, equivalent dose and dose rate. Large graphic screen, configurable backlight with automatic illumination control
  • High impact durable case construction, IP-67 immersion proof and a range of external smart alpha, beta and gamma probes for direct connection to the RDS-31