RMUS UAS Foundations Training

This package is for new pilots to learn basic flight skills. NOTE: This package is included in most hardware specific trainings. The RMUS UAS Foundations Training package includes the following 4 courses plus 3 courses from the RMUS Introduction to UAS Operations Package:

1 – Introduction to UAS Flight Controls

First flight basics using DJI Tello Drone (any small toy drone can be used).

Course Outline

  • Launch and Land
  • Basic Flight Maneuvers
  • Controlled Circle
  • Figure 8

2 – Introduction to Camera Settings

The course covers Aperture, ISO, and shutter settings and the impacts on image capture.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Camera Settings

3 – Introduction to Aerial Mapping

This is an introductory course for aerial mapping. It’s the prerequisite for our more advanced mapping courses, software classes and equipment training. This course covers: Safety, Types of Maps, General Flight Planning, Ground Sample Distance, Camera Settings, Processing Images and Weather Effects on Maps.

Course Outline

  • Aerial Mapping Video

4 – UAS Failsafe

Develop an understanding of causes of UAS failures and remedies.

This course will outline some of the most common causes of problems and circumstances a UAS operate can encounter during operations, what to do about them and how to prevent them.

Course Outline

  • Visual Positioning Systems
  • Video Disconnects
  • Introduction to RC Disconnects
  • GPS Discounts
  • Compass Anomalies
  • Battery Anomalies
  • Auto Return to Home and Landing

The RMUS Intro to UAS Operations Package also includes the following  3 courses:

5 – Introduction to Commercial UAS

A beginning course on Commercial/Industrial Unmanned Aerial Systems. This is a great beginning course for all pilots and managers new to unmanned aerial systems. The course will give you a strong beginning introducing you to the different aspects of drone inspection.

Course Outline

  • UAS Terminology
  • Use Cases
  • Regulations
  • Safe Flight Operation
  • Maintenance
  • UAS Crew

6 – Introduction to Part 107 Concepts

This is a prep course covering the more difficult concepts on the FAA Remote UAS Pilot Exam. This course also requires self study on students part to prepare for the exam. This course was created to help prepare you for the FAA Part 107 Remote USA Pilot Exam.   We cover a majority of topics, but we suggest using the Prepware App to study and practice for the exam. Once you’re scoring over 80% on the Prepware test exams, you’ll be prepared for the actual exam.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Part 107
  • Intro to Latitude & Longitude
  • AGL and MSL
  • Ceilings and Floors
  • Sectional Legend
  • METARs and TAFs
  • Additional Information

7 – Introduction to Drone Crew Responsibilities

This training is set up to deliver training for 4 flight crew responsibilities: Visual Observer, Technicians, Camera Operator, and General Field Crew.
For smaller operations these roles may be handled by one person, for larger operations, different people might be assigned each of these roles.

Course Outline

  • Camera Operator
  • Field Crew
  • Technicians
  • Visual Observer