Robotic inspection has revolutionized industry bringing the safety, efficiency and convenience of remote inspection to Canadian enterprises across the country. As use cases proliferate, the logical next step has emerged – that of creating autonomy in inspection and monitoring systems and thereby increasing the benefits of robotic inspection and monitoring exponentially.Taking the lead on innovative autonomous solutions created specifically for enterprise,  RMUS is pleased to announce the launch of the RMUS Canada Autonomy Lab.RMUS has partnered with the Mechatronic and Robotic Systems Lab at Ontario Tech University to research and develop autonomous robotics solutions based on our work with many of Canada’s leading companies. This partnership will be dedicated to further developing and implementing drone as a first responder solutions, as well as multi-modal – air, land and sea – inspection robotic platforms for large infrastructure owners in energy and mining.The RMUS Canada Autonomy Lab is an applied research program aimed at advancing the application of autonomous inspection and monitoring robotics on land, sea and air. The Lab partners with forward-looking asset owners, first response organizations and environmental stewards to pioneer advanced data collection and analysis through the use of autonomous vehicle systems.Learn more about the Autonomy Lab and how to join the program. Visit the RMUS Canada Autonomy Lab.