Search and Rescue

RMUS drones allow faster response in search and rescue operations and provide teams with a clear advantage over ground based and even manned air search. In any search and rescue operations, every minute counts and with the aid of RMUS technology, SAR missions can be resolved much quicker, resulting in more lives saved.

Portable and easy to deploy, RMUS SAR solutions are also very easy to operate. The drones RMUS typically recommends come with autonomous flight modes. Concentrate more on identifying clues and finding people much faster and let the drone do its work. Use the drone to quickly and easily assess the situation and provide up-to-date information to those on the ground, giving the SAR team the ability to search areas quickly without putting the lives of the searchers themselves at risk. Survey the area and help identify the best routes to take as well as which areas to avoid.

Equipped with high resolution cameras that capture detailed images and stream a live HD video feed to the team on the ground, RMUS solutions keep teams fully apprised at all times. And thermal imaging lets teams spot lost or injured people through their heat signatures when SAR operations must be carried out in dark and difficult environments.