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Remotely piloted and now autonomous robotics for inspection, monitoring and public safety applications are growing exponentially, with new products, use cases and applications emerging daily.

What started for RMUS in the air has now expanded to land and water as well. It will not be long before organizations are deploying all three modes simultaneously and with a single control system. There is also the rise of AI. Already we can automate basic portions of inspection and search operations, and soon this information will be used to dictate robotic actions and flight plans on the fly. What does this mean for us and you moving forward?

Find the answers at our third RMUS Tech Week – What’s Next in Unmanned Robotics from April 17 to 21. The annual event is a week of virtual live sessions aimed at providing the most up-to-date information on the trends affecting deployment of remotely operated systems and the real-world uses of the technology in the field.

There are 11 webinars to choose from with live Q&A at the end of each session. Register below. We look forward to seeing you.


Setting the Stage

Opening Remarks: What’s Next in Unmanned Robotics

Setting the stage for the week ahead, RMUS’s technical experts talk about what’s new at RMUS and what we’re excited about. We also introduce our new partners and the innovative solutions available to our customers. >> Register

The Ukraine and Drone Tech Effects

We’re joined by Michael Dewhirst (Evolve Dynamics) Dave Beatty (D-fend Solutions) Geoff Hitchcock (Teal) to look at lessons learned on the battlefield, takeaways for new tech and next steps, and what will trickle into commercial and public safety markets. >> Register


Robotics and Digital Transformation

Infrastructure Digital Twins and Asset Management

Angad Singh (Skydio), Michael Cohen (Qii.AI) and Ted Strazimiri (SkyDeploy UAS) take us through what is digital twin technology and real-world applications, including bridges, towers, and more. >> Register

Digitizing the Mine

Anthony Downs (Vale), Iain McKillip (Glencore), Matt Mackinnon (UAS Inc.) and Raffi Jabrayan (Exyn) discuss use cases for extreme data collection and modeling underground, as well as above ground and mine assets. >> Register

Day 3

The Coming Wave of Autonomy

What is Autonomy and the Key to Adoption

We tackle the questions of what autonomy is, what works today and what’s coming with guest speakers Edwin Sanchez (Votix), Josh Ogden (AVSS) and Ray Popp (Levatas). We also look at regulations and working with regulators, and managing stakeholders’ expectations along with in-field challenges. >> Register

Deep Dive into Drone-in-a-Box

Advances in docking station technology have made the drone-in-a-box more accessible. In this session, Curt Lary (Hextronics) outlines the business model for the box, looking at hardware, deployments and maintenance as well as software and outcomes. He also discusses data collection hardware and why agnostic is the way to go. >> Register


Case Study: Drone as First Responder

Captain Miriam Foxx with the Chula Vista Police Department takes us through the journey to drone as first responder, public engagement and surprising outcomes. >> Register


Day 4

Advanced Inspections, Sensors and AI

First Responder Multi Modal Robotics

It’s not just about drones, but ROVs and ground-based platforms. Hear from users of all three modes how they work together to deliver exceptional results, and where they stand out on their own. >> Register

Advanced Industrial Inspection

Today’s speakers revel in the use of robotics and advanced sensors for asset inspection. We speak with Jack Cornes (HausBots), Jacob Moshinsky (OFiL Systems), Nikita Iliushkin (Skygauge Robotics) and Tim Tenne (Nordic Unmanned) about new and innovative use cases on collection and sensor technology. >> Register


Case Study: Real World AI Applications

An in-depth look at sub-station applications with Ali Khafagy (OPG), Jean Semrau (Levatas), Christopher Baird and Scott Nokleby (both from Ontario Tech University). >> Register

Day 5

RMUS Innovation Day Takeaways – What’s Next?

RMUS Innovation Day – What’s Next?

At the end of March, we gathered a diverse group of people from across the industry, including manufacturers, researchers and end users, and asked them to explore what’s coming in unmanned and autonomous solutions with enhanced capabilities for air, land and water. The outcome of those discussions will be summarized on this panel looking at core customer needs, research challenges and projects and things in the works and inspiration. >> Register