By The Numbers


With years of experience, we have the background needed to bring success to the design and implementation of your drone and robotic inspection program.

Hope is not a Strategy

While many simply configure, implement and hope for the best, RMUS understands that flying by the seat of your pants could cost you your shirt.

Rather, success is a result of a multi-step process by experienced advisors that delivers positive outcomes – whether you measure that outcome in ROI or in lives saved. It is only with a complete understanding of the proposed use case, a platform vetted by experts in the industry and the correct sensors and software, can you be assured of an effective implementation. And only with detailed operator training and certification does that implementation become sustainable and repeatable, making the process integral to your success.

Finally, an RMUS program completes the circle with the safe delivery of complete and useable data and the data analysis tools needed to move your company closer to its goals.